• Use a fully interactive 3d walk through experience to engage your backers and keep them upto date with the progress of the Bison Arms build  project.
  • I propose a before and after walk through of the space. Your architects will love it. The building project management team can reference it for essential  stages in the build and once complete we have a before and  after 3d  tour documenting the entire process from building site to finished project.
  • Not sure ? Well its a bit of a no brainer I’ll offer the before scan for  just £100 let your build team , architect team evaluate it ( P.S they can make a virtual rendering from the point cloud I can produce for them) and P.R team play with the scan and see how amazing it is. Then decide if you want a finished scan at the end of the build.

  • This is an example of a before scan from another huge project I’m working on . Luxury yacht building example

  • 3+ Film – Jon Nash Visuals
    3+ Film – Jon Nash Visuals Jon Nash Visuals